Using Candidate, Manager, and Recruiter Feedback To Diagnose and Optimize Talent Acquisition Processes from Hello to Hire


Survale recently presented at the 2020 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards Virtual Conference recently and the focus was how to optimize talent acquisition feedback.

Survale CEO Jason Moreau sat down with Workiva’s Candidate Experience Specialist Jenna Van Winkle and Dent Wizard’s Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition & Talent Strategy Tony Suzda to talk candidate experience.

Both Van Winkle and Suzda appreciate candidate satisfaction, but their focus is broader. Both use candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback to optimize recruiting within their respective companies. Both use this feedback to manage recruiting within their organizations and both shed a tremendous amount of light on what is possible with feedback-based recruiting.

Of course, Survale’s Talent Feedback Platform makes these strategies possible.