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From marketing campaigns, core company values, and public support of Equality, to hiring and health care benefits–corporate America can be a champion for LGBTQ equality when they demonstrate their true commitment. Whether that’s through public support, partnerships with LGBTQ organizations, policy support or a commitment to a safe and accepting workplace, it’s important to recognize what companies are truly advocating for LGBTQ rights, especially if you identify as LGBTQ and want to work for a company that is going to welcome and support you.

Despite this progress, data from Glassdoor shows that LGBTQ individuals still face significant discrimination in the workplace. In a Glassdoor survey conducted by The Harris Poll, more than half (53 percent) of LGBTQ employees reported that they have experienced or witnessed anti-LGBTQ comments by co-workers.

In 2019, there are multiple companies, big and small, that champion LGBTQ equality hiring – and these places are hiring now! So whether you are an LGBTQ-identifying candidate or an ally that wants to work for an inclusive company, both in and out of the workplace, then you’ll want to send your resume to the following businesses.


How they support LGBTQ Equality: “The Intuit Pride Network is one of the flagship employee resource groups, which was a founding member of Intuit’s Diversity Council roughly ten years ago. We are 330 members strong and counting, and have 10 active chapters across our Intuit sites globally. The Pride Network is also an important part of the Intuit culture. Some will be celebrating their accomplishments this year, like the Domestic Partnership Benefits recognition that Bangalore fought hard for, and the revival of their Safe Space Workplace initiative. Many will be driving education and awareness, fundraising, and hosting events that will benefit community organizations such as their local food bank, or national organizations that support LGBTQ+ initiatives like the GenderCool Project.”

What employees say: “Great opportunity for professional development and great company culture overall. Pay a bit under-market, but still solid. Excellent leadership and management for the most part. Incredible commitment to integrity at all levels.” – Former Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: “Visa has expressed support for the United Nations Standards for LGBTI, a best-practice guide for policies and practices for LGBTI employees and inclusive workplaces. This guide, produced by the United Nations Human Rights Office, outlines five Standards of Conduct to support the business community in tackling discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people. Visa has received a rating of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index as one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality”.”

What employees say: “Encourages innovation, best IT techs ever, great benefits and compensation, promotes diversity, gives back to the community. CEO is engaged with the people, customers, and the market. Great place to work.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: The CIA has a dedicated Agency Resource Group called ANGLE (Agency Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Officers and Allies). ANGLE today has hundreds of members, including allies and senior champions, and is one of the longest-standing employee resource groups in the IC. The theme of last year’s Pride Month was “Generations of Pride: Leadership at Every Level” and it examined the impact an individual can have in the LGBT community, or in any community, when they exude leadership and successfully work with others to accomplish a common mission or goal.

What employees say: “Meaningful mission, learning environment, dedicated workforce, varied requirements, team atmosphere.” – Former IT Manager

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Charles Schwab

How they support LGBTQ Equality: Since 2004, Charles Schwab has received a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, which recognizes companies based on LGBT equality. Cultivating a work environment that celebrates diversity and champions inclusion benefits everyone.

What employees say: “Really great people many of whom have made Schwab a career of 15, 20 and even 30 years. Strong company with great senior leadership. There’s a vision, plan and execution to drive the company forward. Interesting and challenging work with a clear understanding of how it helps the company and its customers.” – Former Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: With UberPride, the company is building a diverse and inclusive workplace specifically focused on making LGBTQ individuals feel welcomed. The company is actively promoting LGBTQ rights in cities they operate. The company has received a score of 100 for HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) over the past few years. Uber’s new Pride site states, “While everyone may look, think, and feel differently, Pride is a time when we’re all uniting for the same thing—equality. From the front seat to the back, inside the car and out, Uber stands with our global LGBTQ+ community on this journey, today and every day.”

What employees say: “I love being able to work around truly passionate people who are ready to change the world.” – Current Employee

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Baker McKenzie

How they support LGBTQ Equality: Does pro bono work and pushes for LGBTI inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination policies. “Everyone should feel comfortable in the workplace, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression,” says Baker McKenzie. “We are committed to creating and maintaining an open and supportive working environment. This includes equal opportunity for advancement and development within the firm regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and the equal provision of benefits to same and opposite sex partners or spouses.”

What employees say: “The reputation as the “friendly” law firm is justly deserved, vast majority of staff are incredibly warm and open-minded people.”  – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Various partnerships with LGBTI organizations that protect workers against employment discrimination and the company often promotes inclusion in marketing campaigns. “The Gayglers is comprised of LGBT Googlers and their allies,” says the Google Diversity site. “The group not only leads the way in celebrating Pride around the world, but also informs programs and policies, so that Google remains a workplace that works for everyone.”

What employees say: “High pay, liberal culture, smart coworkers.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Contributes to a variety of LGBTI organizations and established equal pay and equal opportunity act well before the Civil Rights Act. “IBM has a long history of LGBT+ workplace equality. As early as 1984, we included sexual orientation in our non-discrimination policy,”  Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Tia Silas told Glassdoor.  “We continue promoting and defending LGBT+ rights around the world and actively influenced legislation and policy in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Texas. And over the past year, we have engaged in countries such as Northern Ireland, Taiwan, Israel and Japan to support marriage equality referenda.”

What employees say: “The working culture and environment is good here.” – Former Employee

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IKEA Group

How they support LGBTQ Equality: Developed fully inclusive work environments and known for having more than half its workforce made of minorities and 47% of its employees are women. Each company location has its own diversity and inclusion ambassador. Last May, IKEA Group celebrated IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia And Transphobia) to stand up for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. In 2018, IKEA’s focus is on transgender inclusion.

What employees say: “friendly, casual atmosphere, great benefits, competitive pay compared to other area employers, company seems to actually care about its employees.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Consistently earns a perfect rating with HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and constantly advocates for marginalized groups. “GLEAM is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) employee resource group at Microsoft. GLEAM members interact through programs such as: Ignite talks, lunches, cross-corporate LGBT+ networking, sporting events, cultural activities, discussions with community leaders about gender and sexuality, volunteering, and fundraising for local LGBT+ organizations.” In fact, in 1993, Microsoft was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

What employees say: “Amazing Company 10/10 would recommend.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Refused to expand following the North Carolina passage of House Bill2 and consistently promotes and advocates for equality rights and inclusion. “PayPal’s LGBTQ network, PayPal Pride, celebrates and furthers our commitment to inclusion and diversity and support for our LGBTQ employees and allies. We host 16 chapters across six countries. In 2017, for the sixth consecutive year, PayPal earned a perfect rating of 100 percent from the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, making it one of HRC’s “Best Places to Work” for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.”

What employees say: “I loved almost everyone I worked with at PayPal. I was able to maintain a healthy work/life balance. The benefits were great too!” – Former Employee

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Simmons & Simmons LLP

How they support LGBTQ Equality: The Simmons & Simmons lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) network was set up in 2006. The network is open to all Simmons & Simmons partners and employees and has the overarching aim of providing support to members of the LGBT community and providing the firm with practical assistance in addressing LGBT issues,” says their site. “LGBT network members play active roles in the InterLaw Diversity Forum for LGBT networks, an inter-organizational forum for the LGBT networks in law firms and all personnel (lawyers and non-lawyers) in the legal sector, including in-house counsel.”

What employees say: “Good work-life balance and supportive, friendly environment.” –  Former Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Partnered with the Human Rights Campaign and has a perfect score with CEI. Was among the first to support the new U.N. standards for LGBTI rights. “With an active LGBTQA Business Resource Group (BRG) in operation for almost 15 years, Coca-Cola has been on the forefront of ensuring equality for its LGBTQ associates. In 2011, the company began offering transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage and in 2015 it began assisting with the costs of taxes imposed on eligible U.S. employees whose same-sex spouse or partner was enrolled in health benefits and who lived in states that did not recognize same-sex marriage.”

What employees say: “The Coca-Cola Co offers good opportunities for career growth and good employee benefits. The environment is also very attractive.” – Former Employee

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Gap Inc.

How they support LGBTQ Equality: Active support of LGBT rights and partners with organizations such as GLAAD for campaigns. “As a company with a nearly 50-year history of promoting equality for all, Gap Inc. kicked off Pride Month with opportunities for employees and customers to celebrate through Pride parades, colorful window displays and special product from the brands.”

What employees say: “Gap has treated me better than any previous jobs.” – Current Employee


How they support LGBTQ Equality: Community involvement with co-workers, employee-support groups, promoting local advocacy.  Their motto is “Be your authentic self.” They offer professional development, inclusive policies, recruitment and retention guidelines, equal benefits as well as a global Ally program with more than 24,000 members. Follow #PrideAtAccenture on social to check out their work.

What employees say: “Extremely diverse company. Sex, gender, age, religion, etc does not matter here.” – Current Employee

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HP Inc.

How they support LGBTQ Equality: Operates with a Human Rights and Labor Policy to commit to fair treatment and HP Inc. was the first company to start an Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ employees. “HP Inc. innovation springs from a team of individuals, each collaborating and contributing their own perspectives, knowledge, and experience to advance the way the world works and lives. From our earliest days, we’ve recognized that capturing and drawing from diverse points of view improves our products and services — and our company as a whole.”

What employees say: “Best employee policies. Overall, a friendly atmosphere.” – Current Employee


How they support LGBTQ Equality: Equality is one of the company’s core values and the company advocates for equal rights in the communities where they work to stand against anti-LGTBQ legislation and to promote marriage Equality. Salesforce’s LGBTQ Community is called Outforce. “Outforce brings together employees who are allies of equality in sexual orientation and gender identity. We promote an open and inclusive culture that empowers employees to bring their whole, authentic selves to work every day. Along with all our Ohana Groups, Outforce also educates our Salesforce ecosystem on how diversity and inclusion create business success. We are out and proud, LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer) members and allies, and we celebrate our pride all around the world.”

What employees say: “Never have I felt so much enablement, support and encouragement as I have felt and witnessed here at Salesforce. I have always told my family, “company culture” is more important than salary and benefits.” – Current Employee


How they support LGBTQ Equality: Offers Equality benefits such as spousal equivalent domestic partner recognition, gender transition coverage, and tax gross-up on domestic partner benefits. The company is also active in its community promoting and supporting top LGBTQ organizations. “One way we support EY’s LGBT community globally is through Unity, our professional network for LGBT professionals and their straight allies. Unity has more than 1,600 members globally, hailing from all four of EY’s geographic Areas (Americas, Asia-Pacific, EMEIA [Europe, Middle East, India and Africa] and Japan).”

What employees say: “Good people, they really do care about you.” –  Current Employee


How they support LGBTQ Equality: Earned 100 on CEI and is publically committed to diversity and inclusion for all by promoting individuality and protecting employees against discrimination. The company also offers LGBTQ benefits such as equivalent spousal and partner benefits and transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage. “Hyatt is committed 100% to the LGBT community, and we are not shy to show this in everything we represent from our employees, customers and the global community,” says their site. “Hyatt was also the first major hotel company to offer domestic partner benefits over two decades ago, and has included sexual orientation in our Equal Employment Opportunity policy since 2000, as well as gender identity since 2002.”

What employees say: “Friendly staff, comfortable environment.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: Supports organizations and projects that strengthen the LGBTQ community, consistently ranks on the HRC “Best Places to Work” and established the oldest LGBT Employee Resource Group in the nation. Also was one of the first domestic partner benefits program adopters as well as one of the first U.S. corporations to offer Transgender-inclusive health care benefits.

What employees say: “An environment that drives innovation and for driven employees allows education and advancement.” – Current Employee

Johnson & Johnson

How they support LGBTQ Equality: The company supports equal rights in its communities and continues to advocate for equality in the courts. The company supported the passage of the ENDA and is partnered with PFLAG on education and advocacy for the LGBT community. Their mission is “Make diversity and inclusion how we work every day.”

What employees say: “Amazing culture within the OTC US Marketing team. Good focus on work/life balance. Super smart co-workers and collaborative cross-functional teams. Management respects and values your input & opinions.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: According to their 2019 diversity report, 7.8% of their U.S. workforce identify as LGBTQ  and 7.8% of their U.S. managers identify as LGBTQ. The company is committed to increasing representation of underrepresented minorities in the tech industry. They offer an Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ individuals. Furthermore, Slack has “enabled employees to identify whether they are transgender or gender-nonconforming. Transgender and gender-nonconforming employees account for 0.7% of individuals at Slack.³ In our data on gender at Slack, transgender women are included in our reporting on women, and account for 0.2% of women at Slack.”

What employees say: “There is a constant discussion among all employees about how we ‘do that right thing’. That looks different for everyone, but I appreciate that there is always an open dialogue around the decisions we make across the whole company.” – Current Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality: The company is constantly working to hire more diverse workers with half their new hires being from underrepresented groups. The company has been rated by HRC as a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” for +15 consecutive years. The company uses their voice to advocate for LGBTQ rights and freedom around the world and has partnered with major organizations on projects, such as GLSEN, PFLAG, The Trevor Project, and ILGA.

What employees say: “Met a lot of cool people along the way. Lifetime friends. Super fun work environment with enthusiastic individuals present every day. Great Benefits.” –  Former Employee

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How they support LGBTQ Equality:  The company recognizes Inclusivity as a core belief and has partnered with organizations such as National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network to support legal briefs and on other projects. The company published a Pride manifesto to showcase its year-round commitment to creating an inclusive culture. The company signed the Equality Act and is a platinum partner with HRC.

What employees say:  “The people are all very nice, and it’s a very clean, safe, and upstanding place to work.” – Former Employee

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