How to Connect With the Best Truck Drivers for Your Next Transportation Job

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Connect With the Best Truck Drivers for Your Next Transportation Job

  • 04 Nov 2021
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    The truck driving market has faced some difficult times in recent years. Depending on who you ask, there is currently a truck driving shortage which can have crippling effects on many companies.

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  • In response, many companies have begun offering a number of incentives and rewards to attract new drivers. Some benefits being offered are paid vacations, education reimbursements, and company-provided uniforms.

    As the market for truck drivers shrinks, it’s important for businesses to stay competitive in hiring the best talent around. Here’s how you can connect with the best truck drivers for your next transportation job.

    Truck Driver Hiring Trends

    In the next ten years, those in the logistics industry estimate that there will be a major shortage of truck drivers  — due to an aging workforce and a lack of adequate training for new drivers. Nearly a quarter of the current trucking workforce is expected to hit retirement.

    Although recruiting efforts have increased, the current driver pool is not expected to meet demand.

    The lack of truck drivers will be detrimental to both shippers and carriers as they continue to grow their businesses throughout the country. As a result of such shortfalls, many industry experts estimate that salaries for professional truckers will experience unprecedented growth in the years ahead.

    As a result, shippers and carriers are looking for candidates with the best experience, training, and equipment when filling available positions.

    Qualities to Look For

    Companies should strongly consider candidates with the following qualities:

    • Safe driving records/accident-free
    • Ability to follow directions and maintain logs accurately
    • Professional appearance and ability to work independently
    • Possess a certificate of completion from an accredited school
    • Flexible schedules, with availability to work overnight runs

    Many companies also prefer drivers with vetted experience and a fair number of years under their belt. Some companies are willing to overlook this and accommodate new drivers who have relatively low experience levels. However, they may prefer these applicants to have CDL licenses and at least six months of on-the-job training or one year of verifiable experience.

    You should also take into account how specialized a job is. There are big differences in transporting produce compared to construction equipment. Everything from the trailers to preliminary paperwork could be different. You’ll want to figure out what type of transportation needs you have before you commit to hiring a driver.

    Attractive Benefits

    When it comes down to it, what can separate your company from the competition is the added benefits your company offers.

    While not an exhaustive list, these are some common incentives and perks companies will implement to attract the best truck drivers for their transportation teams.

    • Paid vacation
    • Education reimbursement
    • Uniforms  
    • Company-provided cell phones
    • Paid orientation to new drivers
    • Career development opportunities

    It’s important to note companies may have benefits that vary by region. For instance, with an increased focus on productivity and safety, many companies are offering additional incentives for drivers who achieve their targets. These bonuses are usually based on location, and harder to navigate areas will yield higher returns and bonuses.

    You should pay attention to what benefits your industry counterparts are offering so you can determine which ones will help you attract the best truck drivers available. Just recently, one company was offering every newly hired driver a $15,000 payment which would be dispersed to them in less than 18 months.

    Closing Thoughts

    By offering some of the incentives and additional benefits listed in this post, companies can attract new employees to join the team. This is particularly important for companies that previously had a hard time attracting drivers due to low pay rates or unattractive policies and procedures.

    Attracting top-notch talent is key for companies and important when meeting their customers’ expectations. Transportation companies need to find and retain the best drivers they can to stay competitive in the market.