Papalook Introduces a Wide-Angle HD Webcam for Video Calls and Livestreaming

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papalook wide angle webcam

Papalook, creators of innovative webcam technology, has launched a low-cost wide-angle webcam for live streaming and video calls. Dubbed as being “essential gear for video conferencing,” the HD webcams feature a 90-degree wide-angle view.

New Papalook Wide Angle Webcam

With an extended wide-angle view, the webcams are designed to accommodate groups of users during business meetings. The video conferencing technology features a built-in omni-directional microphone, meaning sound is captured from all directions. Consequently, users can be heard regardless of where they are sitting or standing during the call.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, remote working as become a ubiquitous trend across the United States. Businesses of diverse industries are looking for ways to maximize productivity as teams work from home.

Maximizing Productivity with Seamless Remote Technology

Technology is playing a central role in enabling businesses to work remotely with proficiency and productivity. Virtual meetings have become the ‘new norm.’ Efficient technology can help small businesses maintain professionalism as they conduct business from home.

Papalook’s new wide-angle HD webcams are designed to assist seamless and professional video conferencing. With auto low-light correct, LED lighting, and zero-noise intelligent filtering, the webcam is aimed at smooth streaming and recording on the likes of Zoom and Skype.

In a press statement about the product launch, Papalook describes the benefits of the technology:

“Perfect for recording and streaming on Zoom, YouTube, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, and other social media and gaming platforms, the Papalook HD webcams provide clear sound in noisy environments, with an omnidirectional mic and Zero Noise Intelligent Filtering Technology, a glass lens with a high-res CMOS sensor, clear distortionless video with autofocus, auto low-light correct and LED lighting, and tripod support for a steady view.”

Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems

The wide-angle HD webcam is compatible with a host of operating systems. These include Windows, Chrome, and Mac OS. Live streams are supported on OBS, Facebook, YouTube, XSplit, Mixer, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Low-Cost Tech for Small Businesses

With small businesses of virtually every sector having been impacted by COVID-19, companies are having to ‘tighten their belts’ to make essential financial savings. Small business budgets to spend on technology is therefore not as sizable as they may have been pre-pandemic.

Costing $89.99 for the Papalook PA452 and $79.99 for the Papalook AF925, these low-cost wide-angle webcams are accessible to small businesses now operating on reduced budgets.



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