Skrill Expands Knect Loyalty and Rewards Program to US

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Skrill Expands Knect

Paysafe, specialists in online payments, has expanded its global Knect loyalty program for its Skrill digital wallet to the US. Skrill customers in the US can now earn free points that are redeemable for cash rewards. Customers obtain the points when they make transactions using the Skrill digital wallet of the associated Skrill Visa Prepaid Card.

Knect Loyalty Program Available in US

Today’s consumers are pushed for time like never before. Online payments provide consumers with timesaving, hassle-free and efficient experiences. Small businesses that accept online payments not only gain operational efficiencies, but they meet the consumer expectations.

Consumers Love Loyalty Programs

Furthermore, modern consumers have come to expect benefits in return of their business. For example, 39.4% of customers will spend more at the businesses they’re loyal to, even if cheaper options exist. Earning points for making transactions that can be redeemed into cash rewards, is a savvy way merchants can maintain consumer loyalty.

Making Connections with Consumers

Failing to offer rewards for making transactions can mean a small business is left behind. By expanding its Knect Loyalty and Rewards program to the US, Skrill is enabling US merchants to not only provide customers with a safe and efficient way to make transactions, but also reward them in the process.

As Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER, and Income Access at PaySafe, comments:

“Whether a transaction takes place online or in the real world, it’s all about making a connection. At Skrill we’re dedicated to better connecting consumers and our merchant partners through payments, and our Knect loyalty program is our way of rewarding our US customers for making our digital wallet and the recently-launched Skrill Visa Prepaid card their payment methods of choice.”

Seamless Online Transactions

PaySafe is a leading specialized online payments platform. The system enables businesses and consumers to connect and make seamless online transactions. Transactions are delivered through an integrated platform. Mobile-initiated transactions can be made. Businesses can also benefit from viewing real-time analytics and the convergence between brick-and-mortar and online payments.

The Skrill Visa Prepaid Card was launched in January 2020. Skrill Money Transfer was released in June 2020. The expanded Knect loyalty program was first rolled-out in Europe in 2019.

Redeeming Points for Cash

The loyalty program works by customers redeeming points for a cash value once they have accumulated more than 5,000 Knect points. Every 1,000 Knect points earned is redeemable for one US dollar increase to a customer’s Skrill account balance.

By expanding its loyalty and rewards program to the US, Skrill can help small businesses meet consumer expectations for online payments and being rewarded for their loyalty.



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