SocialTalent Content Release – Q3, 2022

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Every month at SocialTalent we release brand new content onto our e-learning platform. The goal? To ensure that our users have access to the most up-to-date insights on all the topics that matter to them most. Informed by our solution pillars – Recruiting, Interviewing, DEI, Internal MobilityOnboarding, and Leadership – we have partnered with renowned industry experts to create learning items that are not only engaging, but are steeped in practical, actionable advice. 

Content release

This quarter saw a huge focus on our new Internal Mobility and Onboarding training solutions in particular. After acquiring Careercake’s incredible library of award-winning video content on these topics, SocialTalent was able to scale and expand its offering. Exciting times!

Let’s take a look back at some of the best content we launched over the last three months!

1. Recruiting

Onboarding a Multigenerational Workforce


For the first time in working history, we have five generations working side by side. In this mission by Dr. Mary Collins, we examine how to successfully onboard a multigenerational workforce to ensure a smooth and swift transition to performing and integrating into a new role. 

2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace


This series of missions from DEI specialist, Mo Abdullah will enable both leaders and employees to make workplaces a more fair and equitable place for all. Mo helps you to understand the value of inclusive language, how to challenge assumptions and unconscious bias, and she also gives essential advice on how to deal with microaggressions. You will learn how to reflect on your personal and organizational DEI journey thus far and explore core concepts to aid further development.


Racial Awareness for Leaders


To be a powerful leader for equity, you must first make a personal commitment to a journey of self-reflection and awareness. This mission by DE&I consultant Jessica Havens will help you increase your understanding of race, identity, and power in order to become a more compassionate and equitable leader.​


Gender Beyond the Binary


In this mission, author and activist lisa luxx, will explain the basics necessary to understand pronouns beyond the binary. It will give a foundation as to why people use particular pronouns, and what is meant by phrases such as ‘non-binary’, ‘gender fluid’, and more. The intention of this mission is for learners to have the language and background to be supportive of their colleagues or employers. 

3. Interviewing

Building a Neuro-inclusive Hiring Process


Even though approximately one in three people are neurodivergent, most companies aren’t neuro-inclusive. In this mission by author and inclusion expert Theo Smith, you will learn what neurodiversity is, why it is important, and how being more neuro-inclusive will positively impact the performance and sustainability of talent within your organization.

Learn more about Theo and his drive to make organizations more neuro-diverse aware in this blog post.


How to Build a Fair Interview Process for People from Low Socio-economic Backgrounds


This mission by Dr. Joanna Abeyie will show you how to support candidates from a low socio-economic background to ensure they are prepared and confident when interviewing. Whether you are a manager, a recruiter or are simply keen to make sure that your organization reaches a diverse group of people, this mission will give you the insights you need to start building a more inclusive hiring process.

4. Internal mobility

Careercake Internal Mobility Content


After acquiring Careercake’s expert library, we now have a wealth of new learning paths (13 to be exact!) dedicated to helping employees and people managers promote the function of internal mobility. From looking at career development and communication, to tips for internal interviews, learning how to cope with change, and tactics to avoid burnout, this content is essential for organizations looking to engage and retain their talent. 


Career development, with Dr. Bev Kaye


Career mobility is up to each person to examine and define – you decide how and when you’ll grow. In these three missions by Dr. Bev Kaye, you will discover a framework with six possible ways to grow, develop, and learn. These can all be building blocks to create your unique career pattern. Learn how to create conversations between you and your managers that help you reach your full potential. And discover how not to be a talent hoarder as a manager! Instead, Bev will teach you the importance of being a talent sharer. 

SocialTalent’s Internal Mobility training solution can help your organization better leverage the talent already within your ranks.

5. Onboarding

Careercake onboarding content​ 

Discover nine new learning paths from the expert minds at Careercake, focused on helping organizations create incredible onboarding experiences, and enabling fledgling hires to gain confidence and hit the ground running. With tips on how to network well, be more productive, and establish a winning personal brand, this content will take the uncertainty out of starting a new role. 


Acing the Leave of Absence Experience


Managing your employees’ leave of absence can be a make-or-break journey that dramatically impacts satisfaction when (and if) they return to the workplace. Learn from Jen Henderson and Kait Feeney how to stay on top of ever-changing leave policies, wrangle remote workforces, improve manager communication, and streamline processes to make navigating today’s LOA landscape a dream for leaders and their people. 

6. Leadership

Trust-driven Inclusive Leadership

Trust is a key component when it comes to measuring the state of inclusion in an organization. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, and as a leader it’s your job to create an inclusive, high-trust environment. In this mission by DEI and mental health expert Vessy Tasheva, you will learn about trust-driven leadership, with practical strategies to help you become a more inclusive leader.

SocialTalent’s e-learning platform is tailor-made to help organizations champion hiring and enable their employees to reach their full potential. To learn more, contact our team today.

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