What can staffing and recruiting companies can learn about data analytics and why is it important?


The global pandemic has played a crucial role in making the masses aware of data analytics, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how it impacts decision-making and planning in any situation. It has also revealed how institutions interpret the same data differently in their attempt to address a part of the larger problem.

Data analytics help us assess a problem from different angles and on different scales to come up with appropriate solutions. It also removes biases and uncertainties that play an influential role in decision-making processes that lack data evidence.

As a part of the Spotlight Data team, I work with technologies that help staffing and recruitment companies to use data analytics to make actionable decisions for their organizations. During various interactions, I have witnessed the reluctance of staffing companies to forgo the fear of change, that their data may present to them.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to understand why data analytics are crucial to the success of their short and long-term business plans. Companies that turn a blind eye to the need for technology adaptation will lose to their competition even before they realize it. We’ve witnessed giants fall when they fail to adapt to change.

However, the onus lies largely on the managers and CEOs, the evolution needs to start at the top and ease it as it moves down the team. Of course, technology can be confusing, wrapping your head around ‘data-analytics’ can seem arduous. We created a step-by-step process that staffing and recruiting companies can follow to initiate the transformation.

Spotlight Data is an advanced data analytics and business intelligence tool for the staffing and recruiting industry and connects with your ATS to provide you with a real-time and accurate assessment of your business.