Why your employer brand has never been more important (and how to improve it)


It’s easy to dismiss the concept of employer brand as a fluffy “nice to have”. However, its implications reach far beyond its power to attract new talent to your company. It affects the motivation and retention of your current staff, your attrition rates, your public reputation and ultimately, your bottom line. It’s important to get right!

Find out the truth about employer brands that everyone seems to miss

Your employer brand is not a fixed thing, rather a combination of inputs and sources that affect someone’s impression of your company. These are areas you can control and which are worth focusing for their impact:

  • Your web site, especially your careers pages
  • Social media
  • Your application process
  • Branded content
  • Employee advocacy

There are of course, areas which you can’t control. Nonetheless, it is important that you pay attention to them, and where needed or possible, address:

  • Media
  • Glassdoor reviews
  • Friends and family
  • Word of mouth
  • Consumer experienceEmployer brand

Why is your employer brand more important than ever?

Larger talent pools with fewer geographical restrictions

Post-COVID, levels of unemployment are at all time highs and the talent pool has never been bigger. Remote working has effectively been proven as a viable option by many companies, and as such, geographical restrictions on hiring have been removed.

What applicants want has changed

Pre-2020, being a nimble, up-and-coming startup was seen as an attractive option for a candidate. While this might not have changed totally, for many, the attraction of a nimble business has faded somewhat in favour of stable, long-running and established companies.

Your purpose and values have never been more in focus

Industries which previously might not have attracted top talent, like retail and grocery, were reframed as essential in 2020. As such, they enjoyed a new influx of interest from top tech talent who had changed how they viewed them.

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