4 Jobs That Are Perfect for a Night Owl Schedule


If you consider yourself to be a night owl, you can explore different job options that will suit your schedule. You’ll be able to earn money while most people are sleeping and work in a good career that fits your lifestyle. These four jobs are perfect for a night owl schedule.

Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotels operate throughout the day and night, and working as a desk clerk at night will allow you to cover the graveyard shift. You’ll be responsible for managing any late guest check-ins. You’ll also need to answer calls from guests who are staying in rooms and have certain concerns that arise in the middle of the night. Other job duties of an overnight hotel desk clerk often include printing food and beverage sales reports, maintaining other important documents and processing wakeup calls.

Stock Clerk

After stores close for the day, they often need to be restocked with new products so that shoppers have enough choices during business hours. Stock clerks are often hired to work the overnight shifts so that they can work uninterrupted without getting in the way of customers. In this position, you may also need to create new displays of store products to make them more enticing to buy. You’ll need to be able to lift a certain weight amount and stand on your feet for long periods to work in this job.

Security Officer

You can ensure better security for businesses, residential communities or other entities throughout the night by working as a security officer. There are likely plenty of security jobs in your area that are open to men and women of all experience levels. You may need to do periodic patrols of the premises to look for any suspicious activities, or you could be stationed at a desk or another security checkpoint throughout the night to monitor anyone who tries to enter.


Bars and nightclubs are known to do most of their business at night, which creates the perfect opportunity to become a bartender. You can also choose to work the evening shift bartending at an upscale restaurant. Bartending school can teach you how to make a variety of drinks, but certification from one of these institutions usually isn’t required to start working. However, you may be required to obtain a liquor license and food handler’s permit before being hired.

Working the night shift isn’t for everyone, but you may be the perfect candidate if you normally enjoy staying up late into the night. You’ll be able to maintain your schedule as a night owl and possibly make an excellent salary by taking any of these jobs.