#PrideProfile Series: Jesús Suárez, Senior Workplace Operations & Events Coordinator…

Career Advancement

Jesús Suárez is a Senior Workplace Operations & Events Coordinator at Glassdoor. Currently,  he leads Glassdoor’s internal events that promote company culture and lead the daily operations of our Glassdoor offices.  Suárez is the founder and co-chair of Pride at Glassdoor, the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group. His passion for being available to assist people goes beyond his work. As he jokes, “I always tell the people I assist, I’m also available for parties, quinceñeras, babysitting, and drag queen hosting duties”.  Currently, he lives in Novato, California with his partner, their dogs Mocha & Ursula, and with his alter ego drag queen persona Thee Waters Bidet.

Glassdoor: Share your career journey. What led you down the path of your current profession?

Jesús Suárez: I have always been a people person, something that my dad taught me since I could remember—helping and being there for people. My career started as an ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter assisting the Deaf Community. As years went, I changed positions, but all within the People/Customer Experience industry. When I decided to join Glassdoor, it was their culture that made me want to be part of their Workplace Experience team. I can honestly say that being part of the Workplace Experience Team at Glassdoor gives me job fulfillment. I love helping people enjoy working for a company they love by showing my passion for Workplace Experience.

Glassdoor: Share your coming out journey. What have you learned by being out?

Suárez: I started questioning my identity when I was 17 years old. At this time, I came out to siblings and friends. It wasn’t until years later that I said the words “I’m Gay” out loud to my parents. I wasn’t sure how they would react to the news even though it was a “known secret that we don’t speak about.” To clarify that, they had suspicions that I was Gay, and we didn’t talk about it. No, questions about relationships, activities, or how all of my friends were of the LGBTQ+ community. My biggest fear for not telling my parents was because I didn’t want to be kicked out of the family, just because of who I am. Once I said it out loud, I felt that I could be 100% myself all the time, and not only when I wasn’t around my parents. My mother’s words to me were, “I love you for being you, and not for what you are not.”

What I have learned by being out is that I love who I am, and because I am ME all the time, I’m able to connect with people better than when I’m hiding.

Glassdoor: How has Glassdoor celebrated and supported your LGBTQ identity and surrounding community?

Suárez: Since day one, Glassdoor has accepted me for me. I have been transparent about myself, and they have been very open that they allow me and embrace my identity.

Glassdoor: What does Pride mean to you, and how are you planning to celebrate this year?

Suárez: Pride, to me, means I don’t hide who I am. That I get to be me all time. There are times and places that I don’t feel comfortable with my surroundings, but great people like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera did not fight for me to hide who I am. This year I was planning to have a full day of enjoying Gay Culture with movies, videos, and music, which I might still do, but with the current climate, I’m looking to participate in marches around my area. Pride began with protest, and saying enough is enough against brutality towards LGBTQ+ people, and with the current climate around the US, it’s time for me to do my part. So, you will find me marching not only for BLMs but for Black Transwomen Lives that we lost due to attacks.

Glassdoor: What do you look for in an ally?

Suárez: An Ally for me is someone that might not have the same struggle or go through life struggles but knows the struggle is real. Allies see the road is a tough one, but they do not back down and use their voices to empower the LGBTQ+ and all other underrepresented communities.