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Feb. 18: Here’s what inspired this former recruiter to focus on DEI

Spring HR Tech keynoter Torin Ellis says the drive to help organizations expand their DEI efforts is personal.

Feb. 18: Why many employers are turning to incentives to boost vaccination rates

McDonald’s, Petco and Darden Restaurants are leaning on financial incentives to get workers vaccinated.

Feb. 17: 3 ways upskilling can boost the post-COVID economy

A new report finds the practice will be key to stimulating recovery.

Feb. 17: Number of the day: benefits confusion

One-third of workers have significant questions about the benefits they selected during open enrollment. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

Feb. 17: Centering culture in a time of crisis

Fastly Chief People Officer Doniel Sutton says the company is focused on keeping employees connected despite distance.

Feb. 16: Many orgs aren’t doing this ‘profoundly important’ practice

Spring HR Tech keynoter Katy Tynan shares insights on talent and leadership development.

Feb. 16: How COVID is changing HR’s approach to enterprise workforce planning

HR Tech Influencer Stacey Harris recently joined HRE for a live Q&A on LinkedIn to discuss EWP’s role in a post-COVID world.

Feb. 16: Why HR and IT need to get ‘much, much closer’

Spring HR Tech keynoter and Forrester analyst Katy Tynan explores how the pandemic has—and hasn’t—changed leadership development.

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Feb. 12: Research: Most employers unlikely to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations

Fewer than 10% of organizations plan to require employees to get vaccinated, two new surveys find, but most expect to encourage workers to do so.

Feb. 12: Benefits news you may have missed: Feb. 8-12

From Target and Kroger launching vaccine incentives to HRE’s benefits conference becoming a free, virtual event, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Feb.12: Sage-Gavin: What change management looks like in the new ’Roaring ’20s’

As leaders plan their next moves, how they approach transformation will be key to success.

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Feb. 11: Target joins growing number of employers incentivizing COVID-19 vaccines

The retailer is offering extra pay and free transportation to workers who get vaccinated.

Feb. 11: Health and Benefits Leadership Conference will be virtual, free

Registration is now open for the May event, which will go in-depth on how organizations are responding to COVID-19.

Feb. 11: What does it take to build sustainable organizations?

That’s the question Spring HR Tech keynoter Mimi Brooks will seek to answer.

Feb. 10: Why HR leaders of the future need ‘the ability to inspire’

LDS Inc. CEO Mimi Brooks shares her outlook on leadership and tech trends ahead of her keynote at Spring HR Tech.

Feb. 10: HRE’s number of the day: soaring stress levels

More than three-quarters of employees are struggling with stress. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

Feb. 10: These are the top 3 tech issues HR leaders are facing

The Hackett Group’s annual research highlights HR’s 2021 priorities.

Feb. 9: The new workplace: How 2020 changed HR forever

Hootsuite’s HR leader lays out three trends that have become critical to the HR function.

Feb. 9: COVID-19 vaccine incentive trend gains steam with Kroger

The employer is the latest to encourage workers to get inoculated.

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Feb. 8: More employers are turning to these COVID-19 vaccine incentives

Aldi, Instacart and Trader Joe’s are offering financial incentives to workers to get vaccinated.

Feb. 5: Benefits news you may have missed: Feb. 1-5

From a serious decline in employee mental health to why employers need to make a COVID-19 vaccine strategy now, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Feb. 5: How Zillow and others are reimagining the role of managers

How Zillow and others are reimagining the role of managers

Feb. 5: Here’s a look at today’s fast-changing employee experience technology

Consumer-grade workplace tech can boost engagement for remote workers, experts say.

Feb. 4 Microsoft Viva: Why it could be ‘a massive opportunity’ for HR execs

Analysts say this Microsoft Viva could be the ‘ultimate technology-based employee experience’ platform.

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Feb. 4: Mayer: Don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine strategy? It’s time to make one

Employers play a key role in vaccinations.

Feb. 4: HRE’s Number of the Day: hiring optimism

A new report finds that a vast majority of employers plan to hire in 2021 and that tech is primed to play a big role.

Feb. 4: What Workday’s new $700M deal means for HR technology

The company is looking to sharpen its engagement chops with the acquisition of Peakon.

Feb. 4: Want to convince workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Try money

Certain incentives could boost vaccination rates, new data finds.

Feb. 3: Why the ‘workplace as we knew it’ is no more

Lifesize Chief People Officer Gayle Wiley explores the lasting impacts of the pandemic and HR’s role in helping employees manage those changes.

Feb. 3: HRE’s number of the day: wellbeing focus

Most organizations say their top priority is keeping employees healthy.

Feb. 3: Huffington: ‘Dealing with stress is no longer just a box to check’

Small, actionable steps can help address employee mental health challenges, experts say.

Feb. 3: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Jeanne Meister

She expects to see growth in tech-enabled wellbeing and mental health solutions for workers and their families this year.

Feb. 2: Sumser: Don’t miss these speakers at Spring HR Tech

HR tech’s role in driving diversity and inclusion will be emphasized at next month’s event.

Feb. 2: Mental health numbers ‘going in the wrong direction’

A serious decline in employees’ mental health makes it imperative that employers step up to help, researchers say.

Feb. 1: HR leaders report soaring amounts of stress

HRE’s annual ‘What’s Keeping HR Up at Night’ survey will be the topic of a panel discussion next month during Spring HR Tech.

Feb. 1: Meet the 2 U.S. employers recognized globally for their HR practices

Top Employers Institute recently unveiled its annual certification list.

Feb. 1: Chobani offering workers paid time off to get COVID-19 vaccine

It’s one of the first announcements by an employer on how they are encouraging workers to get vaccinated.


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