Website and Email Updates the Best Way to Reach Customers, Adobe Survey Finds

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Website and Email Updates

You may see other brands updating customers on social media about new policies, hours, or upcoming events. But you may be surprised to learn that website updates and emails remain the best way to keep your customers up to date.

This comes from a survey of 1,000 customers completed by Adobe Spark.

The survey found that 29% of customers have been seeking updates from their favorite companies’ websites, and 21% have been looking for info via email newsletters.

Adobe Spark Survey – Email and Website Updates Most Effective for Company Updates

Social media came in third. About 19% look for updates there. Elsewhere, 17% look for updates in the news. And 7% get updates from direct mail and another 7% look for mobile updates.

The numbers show businesses keep customers updated using fairly basic communication methods. Simply updating your website and email newsletter may be sufficient for nearly half of your customers.

In fact, 70% of customers say a store’s website is the first place they go if they’re looking for specific information. And just 33% say they interacted with businesses on social media during the pandemic.

The numbers aren’t saying you should abandon your Facebook page, of course. But it is still a secondary source of information to many consumers.

The more important thing to learn here is use a variety of platforms. Some customers look in one place another look somewhere else.

Brian Nemhauser, Senior Director of Product Management at Adobe Spark, tells Small Business Trends, “Customers will always want on-demand information that allows them to passively find what they are looking for when they want it. But wise companies will complement that with a consistent drumbeat of social communications to maximize reach.”

So what might this look like for a small business?

Let’s use the example of a small retail store preparing to re-open soon with limited hours. They might share real-time updates on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. But all basic information, like operating hours, appointment requests or instructions for phone orders, should be on its website and email updates, since loyal customers may check those places first.

Effectively communicating across platforms is always an important key for small businesses. However, it has been highlighted even more as companies begin to re-open after COVID-19. Consumers who previously knew the hours and procedures for their favorite stores and businesses are now seeking out those basic details. So businesses have an even larger responsibility to make sure all the information people need is easily accessible.

Nemhauser says, “So much has changed for consumers since COVID-19 began that each business must effectively communicate the basics (e.g., are you open? how are you keeping visiting customers safe, etc.). Standout businesses will go a step further by authentically sharing their personal stories and what customer patronage means to them. Authenticity and humanity always win. And a little levity can be a bonus.”

So if you’re preparing to re-open your small business or just need to communicate messages about your operations to employees, data suggests that sharing across multiple platforms may be the most effective option. Just don’t forget the basics like your website and email newsletter . Those remain the ones your customers are likely to check first.



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