A look at Alight Solution’s new app that provides screening and access to healthcare concierge services for employees returning to the workplace.

What it is: Alight’s Return to Work: Daily COVID-19 health assessment

The mobile app provides configurable screening and access to healthcare concierge services for all employees returning to their physical workspaces. Alight’s app provides quick health assessments and care options for employees affected by a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or those who could potentially be infected. Each day, employees complete a short, symptom-focused questionnaire—based on Centers for Disease Control and employer guidelines—and are given an immediate pass/fail notification via the app. Those who aren’t cleared to return will be connected to healthcare resources that meet their needs, including additional screening and Alight health pros who can support employees and their family members.

The app is available for Alight’s employer clients and can be added to their existing program. It’s free to download from the AppStore, based on the employer subscription. More info can be found on the company’s website.

Why it’s helpful: Unlike other tracing apps, the company’s daily health assessment “protects employee privacy and, if they’re not cleared to return, connects them with a COVID-19 concierge that will provide individual and family support until they’re able to return,” the company says.

Other insights: As some states reduce or eliminate their shelter-in-place requirements, many employers are expected to initiate the process of returning to work, according to a recent survey conducted by Alight. The vast majority (81%) of organizations plan on having employees return to work in waves, and the majority believe it’s going to take between three-12 months for them to return to normal.

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“Employers are grappling with how to safely bring people back to physical work locations in a way that is efficient and mindful of employee privacy,” says Adam Johnson, vice president of healthcare navigation at Alight. “This app gives employers a fast, discrete way of making their people feel more confident and comfortable when they return, while also providing immediate access to professional support should employees show signs of illness.”