Spotlight: D.Williams Consulting Supports Businesses Without Access to Mainstream Resources


D.Williams Consulting Supports Businesses Without Access to Resources

Many entrepreneurs need support from time to time. But every business may need a unique blend of services. That’s why Donna Williams of D.Williams Consulting, LLC offers completely customizable solutions — because she understands the ever-changing needs of small businesses. Read more about her journey and the company she’s built in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides corporate coaching and development services.

More specifically, services include team building, organizational change and development, brand management, and strategic planning. Additionally, she offers ad hoc services based on each organization’s specific needs.

Business Niche

Helping underserved businesses.

Williams told Small Business Trends, “D.Williams Consulting, LLC takes pride in helping those organizations that may not have access to mainstream resources receive expert advice, planning, etc.”

How the Business Got Started

After performing services for others in her community.

Williams says, “After writing business plans, resumes, proposals, and performing as business development agents for friends, family, colleagues etc., my tax accountant encouraged me to launch a consulting business. Originally launched in Columbia, SC as I.T. Consulting in 2013. In 2019, I rebranded to D. Williams, LLC.”

Biggest Win

Speaking at a conference after a referral.

Williams explains, “My client was extremely happy with my services and shared my business and services with her business partner. Doing so led to me being asked to be a keynote speaker for a large conference, Women’s Empowerment Summit 2019. Not only was I a keynote speaker, I had an exhibit , sold copies of my book, There’s A Jewel in You, Volume 3, and conducted a book signing.”

Lesson Learned

Invest in your business.

Williams says, “One challenge which I bred myself in the early formative years of my business was not investing; particularly time or financial commitment. Not taking time to create a strategic plan, invest resources to build my brand, or generate leads caused my business to slow down tremendously almost to a halt. In 2018, I took a hard look at my business and made a commitment to grow which led me to rebrand in 2019.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

On several initiatives.

Williams explains, “If I had an extra 100,000, I would utilize 20K to launch an ongoing mentoring academy for new entrepreneurs giving them an opportunity to learn pitfalls and successes amongst other KPI. I will utilize 60k to invest in my business, from brand promotion, self-development , training, and staffing. Lastly, I would utilize 20K for our 5013C nonprofit to develop an internship program for underserved teens teaching and mentoring them as consultants and entrepreneurs.”

Favorite Quote

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13

Fun Fact

The company also has a philanthropic angle.

Williams adds, “The philanthropic arm is a 5013C organization S2S Facts, Inc. Focused on bridging gaps through diversity, inspiring friendship, empowerment, and community engagement for ladies 10 and older.”

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