How top-performing staffing firms do what they do?

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The world’s top-performing staffing firms can connect their growth and profitability numbers to specific metrics that drive business success.

What is their secret?

A well-designed metrics portfolio reveals real data about your top success (or failure) drivers that impact your business growth and margins.

It’s not just about the number of phone calls, emails, or resume submissions. It’s about aligning your staffing organization to maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

That means focusing on revenue generation but also (and many times more importantly) focusing on the right priority job orders, accounts, and industry verticals that drive higher margins for your firm.

So how do you identify what is truly a priority and what is a waste of time?

By tracking metrics specific to your goals, strategic initiatives, and value proposition.

According to staffing industry expert and management consultant Mike Cleland, measuring both operations and personnel performance is critical to building the right metrics portfolio for your firm.

Once you determine and begin tracking high priority metrics for your firm, make sure you review them at the management, trainer, and recruiter level frequently, look for patterns over time and drill down when you see deviation.

Metrics are an excellent way to elevate the conversation with your sales, recruitment, and operations staff to brainstorm through obstacles that lead to a breakout performance.

It’s also important to collect, analyze, and provide constant visibility to metrics in real-time across individual staff, teams, and business units. By standardizing visibility and tracking in a staffing growth analytics software platform, your staff can gain immediate insight to goals vs. actuals, be alerted when a key performance metric or activity has (or has not) taken place, and understand true profitability by client, job order or industry segment to focus on top priority activities that drive revenue and margin.

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