IT, ‘finance/insurance’ contingents more likely to work remotely than others: SIA survey


When asked this year what percentage of their contingent workforce was working remotely, the median response among large staffing client firms was 60%. However, they believe that will decrease over the next two years to 50%. However, client firms that use primarily IT workers and companies in the “finance/insurance” industry currently see particularly high percentages of contingents working remotely, and firms of all stripes expect hybrid work to increase.

Data comes from Staffing Industry Analysts’ “Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: 2022 Americas Results.”

Among the findings: Client firms that primarily use contingent with IT skills, in the median response, said 75% of their contingents are remote, though that number will go down to 50% in two years. Meanwhile, the median response among client firms in the “finance/insurance” industry was that a vast majority, 90%, of contingents were working remotely. That’s expected to go down to 60% in two years.

Hybrid work was also a question. The survey found the median response among all client firms was that 13% of their contingent workforces were on a hybrid schedule. However, the median response when asked about their forecast for the next two years was that 20% of contingents would be on a hybrid schedule.

The survey was conducted in March and April of this year and includes responses from 112 companies with contingent workforce and/or RPO programs in the Americas region.

Corporate members of SIA can download the full report “Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: 2022 Americas Results.”