Our top 5 Apps for Recruitment CRM for how recruiters want to work today

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Our top 5 Apps for Recruitment CRM for how recruiters want to work today

  • 21 May 2020
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    Andy Betts, Product Manager – Access Recruitment CRM

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  • The way the next generation of recruiters want to work is changing. With the Gen Z population likely to dominate established workforce industries by as much as 70% by the end of 2020, agencies will have to adopt the way they interact, train and engage that generation.

    They have a unique way of doing and thinking about things, from the way they consume information to the viewpoints and perspectives they bring to the business world.

    They have an average “eight-second filter” to gauge whether something is worth their attention. That is not the same thing as a short attention span, though; instead, it’s the amount of time they spend on average determining whether to engage with something (an article, a clip, a song, a person…you get the idea)

    With Access Workspace, we’re changing the way business and their staff interact with their software, making it easier and faster to do the simple tasks.

    Think of FaceBook and Twitter. We all have the apps on our phones and we use them all the time. Why? Because they are easy to use and intuitive – you don’t need to read a 50 page manual to post a story.

    This is why we’ve made Access Workspace Apps easy to download and ready to go, right out of the box. There’s no complicated set up; they just work.

    Access Recruitment CRM has a suite of these Apps available right now to download and use. These are my top 5:

    1. Contract Job Manager

    Specifically built with Fast Moving Temp agencies in mind.

    The Temp market is worth £36bn a year, with, on average, around 1.1m workers on assignment per day. The challenge is seeing where all those workers are in a given period, which client they’re at, which job or shift they are doing, how much margin you’re making, and where the gaps in the workforce are.

    The Contract Job Manager gives you that information, when you need it, 24/7 365 days a year.

    You can filter by branch, by team, by industry, by individual team members and by client.

    It can be added to Workspace as many times as you need, meaning you can create a unique dashboard for anyone (from your Management team to the consultants) so they can quickly identify the areas to focus on.

    As it’s in Workspace, it’s real time. No refresh button to click, no hitting the magic F5 on your keyboard to force it to change.

    2. KPI App

    With team motivation and focus high on everyone’s agenda in the current times, you need a quick way to keep everyone focussed.

    The KPI App does that for you, whether it’s a Leader board of your team on margins, or something as simple as how many calls everyone has made.

    Set your teams daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets and then display the information how you want. There are several KPI’s to pick from, including actual figures, percentages, leader boards, donut view, and card view.

    3. Client Shift Gap Report

    This one is aimed at the management teams, enabling them to quickly identify gaps in the workforce without having to write a report or shout at someone for the answers.

    Simply select the client you want to look at and whether you want to look at the gaps today or the next 7 days, and the app will display the top level stats. How many positions you’ve got to fill for the clients, how many are filled, how many workers you’ve pencilled in but not confirmed and where the gaps need to be plugged to make that margin.

    4. CV Dropzone

    CVs are recruiter gold. Without them you have no talent pool, and nothing to promote the worker to your client with.

    You get 100s of these each day in your inbox and you need to get them into your recruitment CRM as quickly and as accurately as possible.

    With the CV Dropzone app, you don’t need to be logged in to the CRM to build your talent pool; the app does it for you.

    Simply drag and drop CVs onto the app and it will quickly and accurately add those records into the CRM for you, even telling you if it’s a duplicate. It accepts pretty much any file type you care to think of, so no matter how you received it from the candidate, the CV Dropzone will handle it.

    5. Record Finder

    Your phone never stops ringing and you don’t always know whose calling? With the Record Finder App, simply enter the number in the search and it will return any records associated with that caller, whether that be a client or candidate. You can then link straight to their record in the CRM to give you an overview.

    The system also works with emails, and can be used to search by client, applicant or a candidate record stored in your database. This makes it particularly useful to reception teams, who can identify a caller and see who the best contact is within your business to pass the call to.

    Find out more how Access Recruitment CRM can match clients, candidates and briefs quicker than anyone else.