The problem with time-to-hire in recruitment metrics

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Time to hire, widely known as TTH, this is one of the most crucial metrics used by recruiters. The quicker a candidate moves through your recruitment process, the better your candidate experience will be. So faster is better. 

Time to hire

Sure, all that sounds good, but most recruiting firms do not use TTH in the right way. While you might be aware of your TTH, have you ever dug deeper?

The time to hire value on its own is of very little help. To utilize the information and optimize your recruiting processes, you need to break it down to smaller action items like time to phone screening, time to a face-to-face interview, time to offer, etc. 

Time to hire breakdown by stages

When you evaluate every step of the TTH process, both on the individual and aggregate level, you can see where the process is broken or needs help. 

And it’s important to look at all of these steps on both an individual and aggregate basis when building a data-driven recruiting strategy. This information will help you identify inefficiencies in your process and opportunities to improve TTH. Once you’ve identified your “problem areas,” you can investigate the source of the slowdown and take focused action to remove blockers.

Active Open Jobs by AE by Stage
Active Open Positions by Stage
Active Open Positions by Industry

Spotlight Data’s Open Searches dashboard allows you to see the complete TTH breakdown along with Active searches by AE by stage, candidate pipeline, open searches progress longest active searches, and much more. Contact us for a demo today.