Things to Prepare When Job Hunting Online

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Things to Prepare When Job Hunting Online

  • 26 Jun 2020
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    With the advent of the digital age came online job listings, which have made it so much easier to find your dream job, rendering more conventional methods such as newspaper listings redundant.

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  • Job hunting online can be quite difficult, however, finding the jobs is easy — getting the jobs is the tricky part. According to one engineering company, for every job listing they post, they receive around 5,000 resumes and potential candidates. So, with so much competition, it is important that you properly prepare and have everything in order when applying so that you can guarantee yourself an interview at your dream job.

    Create an Online Resume Website

    One of the new wonders of the digital age is the shift from physical resumes to having them solely online. No longer are people sending in physical copies, or even digital for that matter, rather they are sending a link to a website that hosts a copy of their resume and CV and other testimonials of them as a worker. This is a brilliant way to host your CV and draw attention to yourself so that employers can see you have a great initiative and are very inventive.

    When hosting your CV on a website, you should make the website easy to maneuver, and with a sleek minimalist aesthetic. You can find Zyro AI-powered website builder to be a very beneficial asset in designing your website. Hosting your resume online can come with its downsides, however, for example, a slow webpage can put your potential employer off, and if they do not have access to the internet they will likely skip over your resume in favor of one that has been emailed to them or which they have received by more conventional methods.

    Make Sure You Have Good References

    As with any job application, you must make sure that you have good references as your employer is likely to contact a former employer and ask about your previous work experience and inquire as to whether or not you were a beneficial employee of the company of which you worked for. You should always make sure you have the best references possible on your resume and make sure they are truthful and honest. Lying in your CV about qualifications and references is an arrestable offense and in some countries, you can go to prison for it.

    Have Some Form of Video Calling Software

    When dealing with online job applications, more so during the current global pandemic, it is absolutely imperative that you have an online video calling system installed so you can have an online job interview and get to know your employers. Many will want to have a video call with you as a preliminary interview. As many offices globally are closed at the moment, you may find that all of your work-related meetings take place online rather than physically, and you may be called to them on short notice, so try to have something installed just in case.

    Whenever you send your resume off, you should make sure that you have designed it and written it as effectively as you possibly can. With so many resumes received for a single job listing, it is unlikely that you will stand out from the rest if you do not put time and effort into your resume.