Funding rounds: DoorDash announces $400 million in series H; online delivery marketplace, dumpling, picks up $6.5 million


DoorDash on Thursday announced a $400 million series H funding round that valued DoorDash at almost $16 billion. A firm called “dumpling” announced $6.5 million funding round.


“This capital will support new products and services that help our merchants manage the changed operating environment, offer customers convenient and safe ways of ordering and shopping, and enable Dashers to continue making meaningful, flexible income when they need it most,” the company wrote in a post on Medium.

Leading the series H round were Durable Capital Partners LP, Fidelity Management and Research Company and T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.

Earlier this week, the San Francisco District Attorney filed suit against the company saying it misclassifies its couriers as independent contractors. DoorDash is also backing a ballot measure to allow it to continue classifying its couriers as independent contractors by overriding the state’s AB 5 law that gets tough on misclassification.


An online delivery marketplace called “dumpling” announced a $6.5 million funding round led by Forerunner Ventures, the company announced in a post.

The company says it’s different from other gig firm because its helping people start small businesses.

“Even after billions of dollars in investment, gig app companies still can’t create a consistent experience for consumers,” Forerunner partner Brian O’Malley said.

“The issue is that too much effort is spent automating people out of the process versus empowering individuals in the field to offer more personal and consistent experiences,” O’Malley said. “Dumpling flips the model on its head, taking the exploited workers and enabling them to launch their own digitally native service business.”