What’s in this week’s content release?


In case you didn’t know – we’re now releasing a fresh new content release onto the platform every two weeks! And it seemed this switch to more regular content releases couldn’t have come at a better time. Usage of the platform has sky rocketed in recent months – a phenomenon reflected across many e-learning platforms.

This increased regularity of posting has allowed us to be more reactive to the needs of our users, and to create and share content most relevant to them. Check out this week’s batch, available from May 28, 2020.

Working the Funnel: The KPIs That Make a Difference
With Holly Fawcett

Most recruiting functions measure KPIs, but are they the right ones? What insight can those KPI’s shed on the success of our process? Just ONE indicator can tell us about the success of our recruiting work. Can you guess what it is? In this mission, we’ll look at this magic KPI, and how you can diagnose some common issues from your funnel statistics (and then take steps to avoid these issues in the first place).

Remote Working Practices: Your Step by Step Guide
With Holly Fawcett

We are social creatures who crave routine, but it’s hard to set up a routine when you’re working remotely or distributed. In this mission, you’ll learn practical tips as well as the personal motivations you need to create a productive routine and maintain connection to your colleagues while remote working. Holly will also show you how to make virtual meetings more impactful, rather than just swallowing large chunks of your day. Sounds good to us!

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