Claro and SocialTalent announce new strategic partnership


Today, we’re delighted to announce that Claro’s People Analytics training and industry insights will be made available platform-wide to all SocialTalent customers. Meanwhile, Claro will make available a special People Analytics version of the SocialTalent platform to all their customers.

Claro Workforce Analytics is an external talent market insights platform that organises workforce-related information. Real-time access to HR data has, nearly overnight, become a must-have capability as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic which forces companies to adopt remote workforce strategies.

“The skill of data storytelling is removing the noise and focusing people’s attention on the key insights.”

In his book ‘Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals’ Brent Dykes explained, “The skill of data storytelling is removing the noise and focusing people’s attention on the key insights.” This shift towards visual data storytelling is accelerating the “datafication” of HR and Talent Acquisition functions, making it mission-critical for organisations to have access to actionable talent market insights. 

“There is both an art and a science to HR. In the past, only the artistic, intuitive aspect was considered of value in HR, but now, the scientific, analytic facet is being put to work and delivering fantastic results,” said Christian Ofori-Boateng in a recent Forbes article he authored, titled ‘Using Data Analytics To Improve Your HR Management. And while People Analytics holds tremendous promise for the new way that the world will think about getting work done, most organisations lack knowledge about relevant People Analytics tools and how to maximise their benefits.

The changing global landscape will require an increasingly-remote workforce to learn new data analytics skills in order to compete in a data-driven world. Forward thinking organisations must rapidly adopt online learning and training platforms in order to upskill and reskill their evolving talent ecosystems.

At its heart, SocialTalent is about enabling, educating and equipping hiring teams with the skills they need to find, hire and develop the best talent. This partnership with Claro significantly increases the depth of our offering to our users. The effective use of real-time HR data is a game changer in the world of talent acquisition, and one which not everyone can yet access. We’re delighted to be able to offer this to our global users.

Johnny Campbell, CEO, SocialTalent

A CEB (now Gartner) study revealed that “95% of senior HR leaders expect to increase their investments in talent analytics across the next two years.” A recent Ernst & Young study found that the highest performing companies had a partnership between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) centred around strategic workforce planning, greater use of people analytics, and measurement of key HR metrics.

“We are really excited about our partnership with SocialTalent. We look forward to delivering People Analytics insights and training to visionary organisations that are leveraging external talent market insights to make data-driven decisions” said Claro CEO Michael Beygelman. He added, “SocialTalent and Claro have several clients in common, which signals that both our companies are already aligned around elevating the capabilities of HR and Talent Acquisition. Now we can accelerate bringing access to training that will help companies offer new skills to their data-connected remote workforce.”

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