Manage your open searches, AEs, and client communication effectively in 5 simple steps while working remotely

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The world is seeing some exceptional times and businesses, in particular, are trying new measures to navigate through the new way of operating, i.e. remote operations.

Here is how you can manage your open searches, AEs, and client communication effectively in 5 simple steps while working from home.

1. Get a clear picture of your open positions and candidate pool

Quick overview of your open positions, billings, and the candidate pool on each of them

A quick view of all your open positions, candidate pool, and billings. AEs can access the dashboard for their jobs and clients can see progress on their requested positions.

2. View real-time AE and PC activity feed for the open position

Real-time feed of all activity by AE or PC on an open position

3. Upload and share resumes with your client

Upload and share resume with your client

Upload resume to an open position and notify the client automatically. Allow the client access to the open search to view and download the resume.

4. Update resume statuses and candidate queue for the open positions

Manage resume queue and progress on an open job

Change the status of a resume or allow the client to update the status.  You can see the queued resumes and their last activity along with the upcoming invoices.

5. Send visual reports and updates to the client, automatically.

Send insightful and concise reports to your client automatically

Send easy-to-read professional visual reports to the client through Spotlight Data and you can also allow your client to log in and view the details on each open position.

Spotlight Data allows you to manage your staffing and recruitment business remotely without disrupting team and client communication. Simply connect with your ATS and Phone system and access Spotlight anytime, anywhere.

We are offering expedited integration services for all PCRecruiter and RingCentral users. If your search firm uses these tools, contact us today and enable your team to work efficiently while working remotely.

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Stay home, stay safe.

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