Client Portal for Executive Search Firms

Client Portal Communication

As an Executive Recruiter, you take the time to thoroughly understand your client’s requirements. You’re specialized in your industry and you work diligently to find strong candidates for every client. Since every candidate you place already has a job that they’re good at it, you must sell those candidates on your client’s opportunity, too.

While you are busy seeking candidates, it is equally important for you to stay in active communication with your clients as well so that you don’t lose great candidates. 

You need to keep both the client and candidates actively engaged during the process because you need to sell the opportunity to both sides for this match to happen.  

You need to send information about the candidates to your clients quickly and securely so that can decide if the candidate should move to the next stage of the discussions or not. It is also important to keep your candidate queue clean so the client can focus on the front runners. 

This means you need to share cleaned resumes, share files, notes, NDAs, set up calls, schedule interviews, send update reports to the client. 

With the Spotlight Data Client Portal, you can do all of this and still cut down on those lengthy emails, conversation threads, and attachments. All you need to do is share your ‘white-labeled Spotlight Data Client Portal link with your client. 

Once your client is logged in, they can in real-time. 

  1. See the cleaned candidate profiles, you control what the client can or can not see on a candidate profile. 
  2. Share notes or feedback on each candidate. 
  3. See the current candidate queue based on what stage each candidate is in. 
  4. Quickly address the resumes marked ‘for client review’ and other resumes that need attention
  5. See the progress made by your team on a day-to-day basis and address the areas that need more work. 

You are on the driving seat of the client portal and can:

  1. Allow clients to log in and choose which jobs they can manage. 
  2. Improve communication and efficiency.
  3. Improve your time-to-hire.
  4. Change resume status or control it through your CRM. 
  5. Set up interviews and send reminders to clients and candidates. 
  6. Set up client review meetings and send visual reports of your progress since the last call or review. 
  7. Upsell additional services 

Happy recruiting!

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