Why is the Client Portal a game changer for recruitment firms?

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The recruiters in each recruitment firm do more than just place candidates. For a recruitment firm to be successful, recruiters have to build, maintain, and nurture relationships. 

Most staffing firms would argue that their clients rate their services positively because they look at the final rating at the end of the cycle. The truth is that client ratings change considerably during different stages of the sales and account management cycle depending on how often you need to communicate with the client and how. 

Having a great client relationship is crucial for a recruiting firm’s financial success and it’s equally important to cut down on lengthy email conversations and bulk attachments to ensure smooth and easy collaboration on an open position. 

To help you maintain a smooth and effective collaboration with your clients, we present to you the Spotlight Data Client Portal, a new way to communicate with your clients, build relationships, and increase efficiency. 

Client Portal is a bridge between your CRM, you, and your client. It allows your client to b a part of the recruitment process in real-time without getting tangled with the technicalities or seeing details that are otherwise open in your CRM. 

Spotlight Data Client Portal can help you and your team:

  1. Expedite your recruitment process. 
  2. Support your business development 
  3. Identify and improve your critical recruitment metrics.
  4. Improve client experience and ratings at every stage.

Spotlight Data Client Portal is already helping executive search firms improve their processes and client relationships. 

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