What’s new on SocialTalent this week?


It’s that time again! There’s lots going on behind the scenes at SocialTalent and we’re excited to bring you the second release of this month. With many of our businesses changing the way we work – whether it’s with a new focus on digital, or with new tasks and processes – we want to help you.

Here’s what’s planned for this week.

A Talent Acquisition Approach to Internal Mobility
With Holly Fawcett and Moia Rowsome

In most companies, internal mobility isn’t handled by talent acquisition. After all, our job is to hire people from outside the company. But COVID-19 has brought many changes, some of which mean TA now has this responsibility.
Internal mobility in lots of companies is unstructured at best and chaotic at worst.

In this mission we will show you how you can apply and implement a structured approach to internal mobility.

Predicting success: Interview guides for core competencies

When you’re preparing for an interview, the biggest task is to actually devise the interview questions you’re going to ask. This week, we’re releasing guides from Recruiting Toolbox to help you with this. Recruiting Toolbox’s interview guides will help you to ask excellent behavioural and situational interview questions consistently across your candidates. We’ll be focusing on these seven common core competencies:
  • Smart problem solver
  • Adaptable
  • Focuses on the customer
  • Gets things done
  • Collaborative
  • Learns quickly

We’re constantly talking to our customers about the new content they need to add to our library. If you have any suggestions for content you would like to see covered, please let us know! You can contact us via LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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